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L.P.I., Lohaprateep Industry Company Limited, has been the “Inspiration” behind the logistics support industry in Thailand. In 1966, L.P.I. fabrication shop was built with the basic tool-equipments, i.e., hand bender for sheet steel. Today the Roll-forming lines / CNC control to Robotic Welding has put L.P.I. way beyond other industrial companies. We are the company with the Right Vision, Right Movement. We have become a Major Player and Solution Provider of the Logistics field.

Warehousing and distribution are the key element to a lower cost of operation. L.P.I.’s Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Design Built and Systems Performance guarantee this. L.P.I. is the most well managed company able to carry out large projects, such as, a 30,000 pallet racking system - all in one roof.

Our continuous effort to improve our technological capacities has made L.P.I. Personal literate in Automation, Mechatronics, etc., to serve tomorrow’s Automated Warehouse, including Warehouse Management Software, as well as, Conveyors and Cold Storage of -32 Celsius which meets HACCP, GMP and ISO 18000 requirements.

L.P.I. has been serving the public for over 40 years now with a powerful Engineering support base and OEM located at its sub-urban Bangplee Industrial Estate that can tailor-build, Provide Project Management, Supervision at site plus Civil Works not only in the Kingdom of Thailand but also in Asean Regions, including, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Philippines, etc.

L.P.I. RACKS, the trademark of Warehouse Storage Racking System ensures compliance to ISO 9001 version 2000. L.P.I. Profiles also ensures a quality conforming to EURO as well as RMI standards. It uses steel grade of SS400 and SS490 quality to warranty high strength and rigidity. Pretreated before finishing by phosphate and epoxy powder coating backed at 180 Celsius for 30 minutes. L.P.I. Products produce hand and durable materials for any environmental circumstance and temperature.

With the TQM quality process and control L.P.I. has produced a wide range of industrial products such as, Racks (Selective, Drive-In, Push-Back, Flow Racks, etc...), Pack Us Together, Supermarket Shelves, General Purpose Shelves, First In First Out, etc.

With L.P.I., You have the Right Vision and Right Movement.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mobile Library Shelves (PKL)

Saving space in libraries or offices
Save over 50% of space
Easy hand-wheel operated

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